Dominique Marcell Collins


Born Dominique Marcell Collins on the island of Puerto Rico to a military family and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Seven Threat (singer / songwriter / actor / dancer / screenwriter / director and businessman), Dom Marcell, took a liking to music at the young age of three. Whether it was entertaining his own family, organizing home church gatherings, performing at talent shows & showcases, providing vocals to theatre productions or performing in his church choir, Dominique knew that music was an important part to his life.

Being raised in a strict household and forbidden to listen to secular music, gospel music created the foundation for his sound with artists such as Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Bebe & Cece, The Winans, and Shirley Caesar. As he grew up and became more independent of his family, styles such as R&B, pop, hip hop and dance music were integrated into his musical influences, thereby solidifying his unique sound.

Setting his sights on entering the entertainment business, Dominique moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Southern California where he was known for his performance acumen among the student community. Whether it was performing for Reggie Bush’s Orange Bowl Party, showcasing his vocals at USC events on campus and other events/clubs throughout the city, singing the Black National Anthem at the African American Graduation, Dominique continued to hone his craft while permeating his brand among students and the greater Los Angeles community. In addition, Dominique invested time in learning the business aspect of the industry by interning at various companies such as Warner Brothers Strategic Marketing/Licensing, Atlantic Records A&R and at HBO as a Residual Analyst.

Faced with graduation and an ostensible dead end in music, Dominique pursued corporate America, putting his music pursuit on hiatus. Working at a boutique investment bank, an NYC financial services firm and a commercial real estate brokerage compelled Dominique to earn a JD/MBA from Northwestern University. This experience not only expanded his network but also taught him how to develop ideas, launch a business and execute an integrated strategy via several imperative skill sets.

After internships at the Attorney General’s Office, a bulge-bracket Investment Bank, the United States Securities Exchange Commission and the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic at Northwestern University, Dominique knew that the road he was heading down was not his destiny. While good at what he did, i.e. having been the #1 student in several business and law classes and top 5% on his series exam, being a coveted Robert Toigo Fellow, and having been offered multiple community focused and academic scholarships, he realized that each opportunity did not provide the passion that he felt was missing from his life. After much soul searching, Dominique decided to reengage with music during his last semester at Northwestern University by commencing the writing out of ideas and lyrics and beginning the recording process. Once this decision was made, his life completely changed.

As time progressed and his fan interest began to augment, Dominique invested more time and capital into his music by organizing video and photo shoots, developing album concepts, recording and organizing screening events and performances—thereby employing all the business skills he had learned at his previous jobs and during his time in school. Concurrent to this pursuit, his work on Wall Street as a Media/Entertainment Investment Banker provided him the foundation to make his dream a reality. Fast forward to today, Dominique has a team of over 70 people aligned with his vision and ready to execute. While music is Dominique’s #1 passion, he hopes it will be a conduit to make an indelible impact on other industries and the world. Having mastered the creative and business side of his launch, Dom Marcell is ready to pursue and fulfill his destiny.